Welcome to my website. I have spent many years drawing and sketching for my own pleasure but retirement has allowed me more time to explore and experiment (and set up a website!)
I am self taught but still have much to learn and a lot more experimentation to do. I am fascinated by the texture, the shapes and the ageing of the man made environment. I am particularly inspired by architecture so this is the subject matter for most of my work. I have discovered that trees contain similarly interesting textures and details so that has helped to lead me off in other directions. Mostly I use technical pens to achieve the detail I want but sometimes a little colour is added with watercolour washes.
Recently, I have become intrigued by more abstract line drawings that start to resemble optical illusions. Producing them is an immersive and meditative experience... and also a lot of fun. Although there is a specific framework for the drawings, they evolve in an unplanned and spontaneous way and I enjoy the contradictory combination of restlessness and harmony that seems to exist within them.

I hope you enjoy looking at my work; it is all for sale. I have produced a few House Portraits for friends which were well received so if you would like a watercolour painting or line drawing of your house/business/shop/etc then please get in touch using the 'Contact' form or phone me on 07957 277395. The house portraits are £80 - £100 depending on size and media.